CROSS 12 - Smart railway crossing

Smart railway crossing is a system of automatic train detecting and warning loader drivers and pedestrians.
CROSS 12 is a smart crossung system which both fulfills local security tasks and could be seamlessly intergrated in security and operational platforms of the company!

- Warns pedestrians and loader drivers of train approaching (detection range 5 to 150 m);
- Makes analisys of passing railway cars providing data for managment decisions.

Video presentation


CROSS 12 scheme

Схема работы умного пешеходного перехода

Smart camera verifies train approaching;


Red traffic light and zoomer get on;


As the train passes the CROSS 12 gets to stand by mode;

Cloud services

CROSS 12 can reach cloud both via wire and wireless connections;

Multiple CROSS 12 complexes could be connected via cloud into one multitask net;

Smart cameras could recognise car numbers and verify important data such as speed, load percentage, schedule of cars. Aggregated data could be further used for on-site optimisation;


How much does CROSS 12 cost?
The ystem price depends on the next variables:
1. Number of railways and the distance between them
2. Detection range
3. Region of installation
4. Cloud services

For the detailed calculation contact us:
How can we further use the video?
You can intergrate your camera video into your survailence system with no extra charge
Why using cameras at all?
Computer vision has plenty of advantages over other detection devices: it could be used in cloud serviced mentioned above, as well as be part of local survailence system
What's the temperature allowances for CROSS 12?
CROSS 12 works in between -40С and +50С. This range could be widen on special orders.
How does the camers work in rain/fog/snow nad at night?
The cameras have IR matrix, which enables train detection in any weather conditions as well as at night.